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Cedar + Spruce Studios

Paws for Teddy - Suncatcher

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Teddy is officially heartworm free as of spring 2023! 

** read below to learn the original story behind these Paws for Teddy suncatchers. 

Meet Teddy! He's a rambunctious little dude that loves arm pit rubs and good morning songs. We adopted him in June of 2021 knowing that he was at a higher risk for developing heartworm due to him coming from a southern state. Unfortunately monthly preventatives didn't do the trick and our favorite guy tested positive for heartworm this past December (2021). We're looking at some pretty pricey vet bills to get our boy on the road to recovery and wanted to put together a little campaign dedicated to our best pal, Ted.

Each paw measures approximately 3" x 3" and will come with a bit of hemp cord for hanging. Please refer to the color charts in the product photos to select your color/colors. 

*** paw ornament contains lead- please wash hands thoroughly after handling!

Made to order: will ship out up to 3-4 weeks after order date.

Thank you so so much for supporting our little family! <3