Frequently asked questions:

How should I care for my stained glass art piece?

Over time, your art piece may oxidize and start to look a little dull. A quick polish should brighten up the glass and solder- I prefer to use Mothers carnuba liquid cleaner wax. For pieces that have copper metal due to use of a copper patina, I prefer to use Clarity brand finishing compound. Follow the polishing instructions according to whichever product you choose! Remember- always handle with care!

Does your art contain lead?

Yes! I use lead-tin solder on all of my art pieces and pure lead came as a framing material on some (this will always be noted in product descriptions). This means you should wash your hands thoroughly after handling your new piece of art and keep out of reach of children.

Shipping seems expensive - why?

I typically ship via USPS, and use calculated rates to determine shipping costs. These rates take into account both the weight and the dimensions of a package. Glass and metal are both heavy materials, so rates can increase quickly depending on the size of the piece. Dimensions also play an important role in determining shipping rates- for example, an oversized box with the dimensions 22” x 18” x 6” automatically ships for the same amount as a standard size package that weighs nearly 20lbs! Rest assured that if the actual shipping costs are more than $2 less than what you paid at checkout I will refund the difference.

Do you offer shipping insurance? What happens if my item is lost or damaged during shipment?

I personally insure all orders over $100. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find an insurance company to fully insure glass, and my insurance provider recently downgraded their coverage to 75% of the total value of the glass item. If your item is lost or damaged during shipment, please notify me as soon as possible! Please be ready to send along photos of the damaged item as well as the damaged packaging so I can file a claim in a timely manner. You are welcome to keep the piece in its damaged state for a partial refund, or to return the piece in the same state it arrived at your doorstep for a full refund.

If your order is less than $100 and shipping insurance is important to you, please consider shipping via USPS Priority Mail which automatically insures your shipment for up to $100 for domestic orders.

Will the color of the plants in your botanical pieces fade?

Yes! I don't use any dyes or artificial means of preserving color so they will fade. They may turn shades of tan, yellow, brown, white, or even translucent. If maintaining color for as long as possible is important to you, I recommend hanging your botanical piece in an area that receives indirect or no sunlight. The more sunlight that the piece receives, the quicker the plants will lose their color- this could even happen in a matter of days!

Do you offer returns?

I do not offer returns. Each piece is carefully made by hand and often made to order- please be sure you are in love with the piece prior to purchasing!

Do you offer wholesale or consignment?

At this time I am not accepting any wholesale or consignment accounts.

How should I hang up my piece?

I always recommend using nails or screws to hang pieces directly from the wall or window frames. You can also hang your pieces from the hardware that is already a part of your windows, such as a hinge window lock. I offer some unfixtured arch pieces, which I typically display by simply leaning in the window- just be sure the place you choose is a window that isn't frequently opened and is out of reach from pets and children to limit the chance of drops and damage. I do not personally recommend suctions, as they lose their ability to stick to the window due to temperature and seasonal changes.

Do you accept custom design orders?

As of summer of 2023 I am once again actively taking on custom work orders! This is a rare occurrence, and I am looking forward to working with customers again to bring their stained glass dreams to life. That being said, I am selective when choosing commission projects, and appreciate some flexibility and creative freedom to execute a piece of work that feels authentic to me. If I am busy with other project commitments, I may have you hold off on a deposit but am happy to get some ideas flowing until I can commit to a deposit date and estimated date of completion. Some good information to have ready for me include general design subject, a preferred size range, and your budget for the project. Please feel free to reach out via my contact form to get the conversation started!